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Vic's Drum Shop / The Music Garage

Vic's Drum Shop/The Music Garage
is the host location for Drum Fantasy Camp. It's an amazing facility and Vic's one of the top independent drum retailers in the world.

The first floor of the building an absolutely amazing drum store. The cymbal room is reason enough to visit the facility. Vic's carries a wide array of drums, cymbals, and percussion instruments. They also have all of the hard-to-find hardware and they can get their hands on anything out there. Vic's offers DFC attendees a discount while at the camp.

The upper floors of the building are part of The Music Garage. Bands, DJs and producers (some famous ones) work day and night in the building. Drum Fantasy Camp uses rooms in The Music Garage for classes, and we use the top floor "Showcase Room" for Jam Nights.

Click here to learn more about Vic's Drum Shop. Click here to learn about The Music Garage!

Crowne Plaza Hotel

80% of our attendees come from out-of-town. 30% are from outside the United States. DrumFantasy Camp has partnered with Chicago's Crowne Plaza hotel to offer great overnight accommodations!

The Crowne Plaza is located just 1.3 miles from Vic's. It is just a 15 minute ride to our two concerts. The hotel has a great restaurant/bar inside, and has several eateries close by. Parking is easy, WiFi is included, and we've got a group rate of $179 plus tax when you book through us.

When the day is done, our attendees and instructors always hang out in the hotel. If you're travelling to the camp, complete the experience by staying with us and being part of the hang!

Please note: per our hotel agreement, our room block can only be booked through July 17, 2018. After that day, we may not be able to offer our guest room discount.



Both of our Drum Fantasy Camp conerts happen at intimate Martyrs' music club. Martyrs' has been a staple of live music in Chicago for 25 years and they have become a trusted partner of Drum Fantasy Camp.

In addition to our attendees, Chicagoans are completely hip to the Drum Fantasy Camp experience and tickets go quickly. We will send out links to purchase tickets ($25 for one show or $44 for both) when the shows go on sale.

Both shows are all-ages!

The club offers a limited menu and has a great bar.

Getting To The Camp

Chicago boasts two major international airports. The airport closest to both the Crowne Plaza and Vic's is Midway Airport, but O'Hare is not far away and has the most choices.

You can find flights on Expedia, Travelocity, and other travel Web sites.

Crowne Plaza
Vic's Drum Shop
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